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Manufacturer of NC Servo Roll Feeders

NC Servo Roll Feeders
  • NC Servo has caliber to perform nonstop functions without failing.
  • Rollers up down function with the help of Pneumatic cylinder.
  • Ratchet spanner assembled at the bottom for height adjustments of feeder.
  • Festo make FRL to control the air pressure with the help of flow control valve.
  • Cascade rollers made of steel to feed the coil having conventional loop.
  • Vertical rollers as width guide in frontside and backside of roll feeder which is hardened & grinded for better service life.
  • Helical Gears for rollers are hardened and grinded on teeth which gives accurate feeding accuracy.
  • Rollers are made of solid steel, Hardened with thermal treatment HRC 55/58, Grind & Hard chrome plated after.
  • Total electric servo package imported from Mitsubishi Electric (Japan).
  • Mitsubishi Make timing belt from servo motor to rollers.
  • Imported Coupling from Italy MAV locking assembly to servo motor so the precision can maintain high accuracy of feeding length “0.02 mm”.
  • The system can store up to 99 Programs.
  • Setting of length gets easy through HMI in which speed variation can adjustable.
  • Feed before press function is inbuild for Pneumatic/Hydraulic shear cut to length machines.
  • Anti-Back Stopper model comes with extra roller which keeps continues pressure on coil material and feed only in forward direction which helps spring steel material to install the coil easily.