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Manufacturer of Motorized / Non-Motorized Decoilers

Motorized / Non-Motorized Decoiler
  • Motorized Decoiler Comes in variants of, 200 Kgs, 500 Kgs, 1000 Kgs, 1500 Kgs, 2500 Kgs and many more.
  • Special model of higher capacity are available as per customer requirement.
  • The coil is placed on drums of decoiler, this flexible drums helps the coil to get fixed in mandrel and makes it easy to decoil and feed further.
  • As per the coil inner diameter expansions, the jaw expandables are made so that the coil gets loaded on decoiler easily. The total fabricated structure is made & assembled in our factory.
  • 200 & 500 Kgs decoiler consist guide rings, from 1000 kgs to further model we use width guides.
  • Mandrel of 200 & 500 Kgs decoiler is of screw type adjustable structure in which the drum is one side mounted which makes a user easy to expand the jaw.
  • From 1000 Kgs Model the mandrel comes in link type expandable jaw.